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NextGen: A H2020 European Project Welcome to the next generation of managing our most important resource Major new European initiative announced, which aims to evaluate and champion circular economy solutions and systems in the water sector. ---- As appetite for the world’s most important resource c... More..


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LaTrappe brewery and the OLV Koningshoeven Abbey, Berkel-Enschot (NL) have a vision of living in harmony with Nature. Aim for the coming 10 years is to treat different waste waters generated on site and make as much water and nutrients as possible available for reuse. The aim is very similar to the ... More..

SEMiLLA CE Hub Málaga

Research, Innovation, Talent, Outreach

The University of Málaga, the Technology Park of Andalusia (PTA), the Municipality of Málaga and SEMiLLA IPStar are developing the first SEMiLLA Circular Economy Hub in Málaga, Spain. The hub embraces a holistic approach and focuses on research, education, outreach and spinoffs targeting circular ec... More..


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What started as a food that astronauts could grow themselves is showing potential for lowering cholesterol levels around the world: space research has found a bacterium that can reduce cholesterol levels by half. While they might not sound appetising, bacteria are promising ingredients for space foo... More..

SEMiLLA PLATFORM VISION: With the increasing world population the stress on Earth’s resources is spinning out of control. Sustainable growth and a fair availability of resources requires restoration instead of exhaustion. Regenerative circular economic technologies and systems present effective tool... More..

IPStar spinout 'SEMiLLA Sanitation BV' is using advanced space technology from the MELiSSA program for urine, grey and black water treatment. The objective is to accelerate the development and deployment of the technology in remote places and disaster areas. The technology provides cost-efficient so... More..

MELiSSA Foundation

Research, Talent

The core objective of the MELiSSA project is to gain knowledge for the development of regenerative life support systems for long term space missions. The ultimate objective of the project is to re-create an artificial environment allowing 100% of recycling of waste to produce oxygen, water and food.... More..

The high biodiversity of microalgae opens numerous applications, such as in food, feed, cosmetics, health, green chemistry or for biofuel purpose. Microalgae can produce energy rich substances such as lipids for biodiesel or biokerosene production, hydrogen by water photolysis, high valuable product... More..

Ballast water provides stability and manoeuvrability to a ship. Usually ballast water is pumped into tanks when a ship has delivered cargo to a port and is departing with less or no cargo. Large ships can carry millions of liters of ballast water. Annually an estimated 12 billion tons of ballast wat... More..

Barapullah Water Treatment

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While India is facing its worst water crisis in a decade, its rapid urbanization keeps on putting more stress on fresh water supply, while simultaneously water resources are polluted by untreated wastewater discharge. LOTUS will demonstrate a novel holistic (waste-)water management approach for the ... More..