POMP program

Funding Research

The core objective of the MELiSSA project is to gain knowledge for the development of regenerative life support systems for long term space missions. The ultimate objective of the project is to re-create an artificial environment allowing 100% of recycling of waste to produce oxygen, water and food. It is clear that such an objective induces a lot of challenges among them, the highly multidisciplinary approach and long term research.

Considering the need for academic manpower stability and high level of exchanges over the MELiSSA network MELiSSA has created a Pool Of MELiSSA PhDs ('POMP'), a European competition for MELiSSA PhDs candidates.

The MELiSSA foundation is  a non-profit organisation created specifically for these purpose. The selection of the PhD proposals is done by ESA and a committe of independent scientific representatives.

A first selection of PhDs candidates was been completed early 2016 and 7 PhD students and postdocs have started their research in at the hosting universities.

In 2017 POMP 2 was opened and 5 PhD students and 1 postdoc were selected to carry out their valuable research at KU Leuven, ETH Zurich, University of Lausanne, University Auvergne, EAWAG, Universitat Autonomo Barcelona and Cambridge University.

More information can be found at: www.melissafoundation.org

MELiSSA Foundation