SEMiLLA IPStar Spain

The University of Málaga, the Technology Park of Andalusia (PTA), the Municipality of Málaga and SEMiLLA IPStar are developing the first SEMiLLA Circular Economy Hub in Málaga, Spain. The hub embraces a holistic approach and focuses on research, education, outreach and spinoffs targeting circular economic systems.

The hub - that includes a startup incubator which will be located in the PTA business park (Málaga) - will allow researchers, students and teachers of the UMA and PTA companies to work jointly with researchers from the MELiSSA consortium and the SEMiLLA IPStar team members to develop terrestrial applications of regenerative technologies.

The ambitious plans include:

a master addressing circular economic courses ranging from design, business models and circular technologies
an investment program supporting CE startups
a demonstrator and living lab site
connection to an international network of SEMiLLA CE Hubs