About SEMiLLA IPStar

SEMiLLA IPStar is technology transfer partner and member of the MELiSSA Space research consortium. We manage a space technology portfolio in collaboration with a range of industrial customers in the area of biobased economy, circular technology, sustainability, cleantech and life sciences. We offer the opportunity to tap into cutting edge space technology in the following areas:

  • Water Treatment
  • Waste Management & Recycling Technology
  • Air Quality & Regeneration Technology
  • Controlled Food production & Preparation
  • Analyzers and Sensory Technology
  • Biosafety and Acceptance
  • System Analysis
  • Life sciences
  • System Tools: modelling, simulation & design

IPStar focuses on business development and spin outs for terrestrial exploitation of sustainable technologies emanating from the MELiSSA space program and from its international research partners. To this end we have started the development of a circular economy experience and business platform: SEMiLLA Circular Economy Hub. Click here for more information.

IPStar BV was established in 2005 by Hans de Swart (MSc, MBA) who was joined shortly thereafter by Rob Suters (LLM) and was one of the first companies established in the ESA space incubator initiative in Noordwijk in The Netherlands.

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SEMiLLA IPStar History

  1. Launch of SEMiLLA IPStar Spain

    SEMiLLA IPStar subsidiairy expands its activities into Spain in order to boost the strategic cooperation with the University of Malaga and the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía.

  2. Launch of SEMiLLA Circular Economy Hub

    With its partners IPStar develops the SEMiLLA Circular Economy Platform. An international community of hubs that provides students, educators, researchers, users, investors and entrepreneurs with the tools to realize the transition to a circular economy.

  3. Strategic Partnership De Dommel


    Launch collaboration between MELiSSA Project, SEMiLLA IPStar and Water Board De Dommel with the aim to come up with solutions by bringing together space and earth technology.

  4. Launch SEMiLLA Sanitation

    SEMiLLA IPStar develops mobile sanitation solutions for refugee camps. The startup is headed by serial entrepreneur Peter Scheer.

  5. Strategic Partnership Spain

    UMA, PTA and SEMiLLA IPStar sign an agreement to collaborate on space technologies developed by the European Space Agency.

  6. ezCOL first financing round

    ezCOL launches a research program to demonstrate the cholesterol lowering effects of its technology.

  7. MELiSSA MoU

    IPStar joins the MELiSSA Memorandum of Understanding and is given a mandate as technology transfer partner of the MELiSSA consortium

  8. ezCOL BV the first spinoff

    IPStar negotiated the transfer of cholesterol lowering patent with research institute TNO. ezCOL was established in order to perform additional research and commercialization.

  9. ezCOL joins ESA Incubator

    IPStar subsidiary follows its parent company and joins the ESA incubator

  10. IPStar joins ESA incubator

    IPStar was one of the first startups joining the ESA incubator in ESTEC/ESA Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

  11. IPStar BV was established

    IPStar BV was incorporated on May 25, 2005. In the startup period IPStar was headed by Hans de Swart and Rob Suters.

  12. MELiSSA Program Launched by ESA

    In August 1987, an unusual delivery arrived at a hotel room in Beijing. A very simplified ecosystem limited to 2 microbial strains was sent on a five-day microgravity trip on a Chinese capsule. The algae survived the journey, and the idea behind the MELiSSA loop started to take shape. In 1989 the first contract was given that marked the launch of MELiSSA.

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