Koningshoeven Brewery

LaTrappe brewery and the OLV Koningshoeven Abbey, Berkel-Enschot (NL) have a vision of living in harmony with Nature. Aim for the coming 10 years is to treat different waste waters generated on site and make as much water and nutrients as possible available for reuse. The aim is very similar to the goals of the MELiSSA consortium. Together with Water Board De Dommel, University Ghent and BioPolus, SEMiLLA IPStar has successfully performed a feasibility study for the application of MELiSSA technology to close the cycle and move towards a Zero Liquid Discharge Abbey and brewery. The next phase will focus on planning the implementation of different high tech closed loop life support technologies from space in the brewery! 
Water recycling in space and a circular beer production (ESA Website)

SEMiLLA | Koningshoeven