Innovation Expo Amsterdam

Together with Waterboard De Dommel, Biopolus, M.J. Oomen Groep, Wageningen University, IPStar will be present at the Innovation Expo, Amsterdam, 14 April 2016.

More than 4000 innovators will gather in Amsterdam on 14 April 2016 to showcase the Sustainable Urban Delta, the Netherlands innovation community.

The Netherlands wants to share its experience with the world when it comes to urban development in the coming decades. Megacities produce 80% of growth but also of waste worldwide. We can only save our planet by transforming the cities. The Dutch have some experience as a creative, green, urban delta. Design, watermanagement, energy transition, food production, mobility, logistics and governance are closely intertwined here, producing sustainable, smart and socially-inclusive solutions.

The Innovation-expo takes place during the Dutch EU presidency and is part of the government’s Urban Agenda (Agenda Stad) and the spatial ‘Manifest2040’.

Innovation Expo 2016 is organized by the ‘quintuple helix’ of The Netherlands’ business community, science community, civic engagement, media and public sector (ministry of Economic Affairs, ministry of Infrastructure and Environment and ministry of Internal Affairs).
We believe that co-creation is the future. It is more important than ever to cooperate across sector boundaries and to join the forces of public and private domain. The Netherlands has a track record in collaborative governance and the Innovation Expo demonstrates this: it brings people together around showcases of solutions to global societal challenges.

Among the 4000 participants on 14 April 2016 will be business people from large companies and start-ups, scientists, students, policy makers, civic initiators and journalists. Also, the 28 ministers of the EU Transport Council, the 28 ministers of the Environment Council and several EU mayors, ministers of the international Delta Coalition and several international trade delegations will be present.
The three areas of interest on the grounds of the Innovation Expo are: Building the City, Healthy Living and Connecting people. Besides showcases there will be top level international speakers and workshops, to be announced soon on . And a number of ambitious Green Deals and City Deals will be signed in collaboration with the EU Commission. Finally, the winners of the Challenge ‘City of the Future’ will be announced.