Entrepreneur Circular Economy Consultancy

Malaga and Amsterdam

SEMiLLA IPStar is looking for an entrepreneur to setup our consultancy activity.
SEMiLLA is offering services to organisations to make the transition to a circular economy. Governments are implementing regulation that require bidders to be circular. So there is a very strong driver to make the transition to a circular business model. SEMiLLA is developing software tools that enable organisations to manage their waste and resources and connect them to other organisations. We also provide services to companies that are implementing circular business models and have advanced canvasses that provide solid tools to make the transition.


  • entrepreneur ot ambition to become one
  • preferably with a background in professional consulting
  • technical / commercial education
  • self starting
  • independent
  • creative

We offer:

  • co-ownership of the activity
  • international environment
  • access to space industry

Please note that we will not be paying you a salary. You will have a chance to build your own business and this requires vision and guts. If you feel you qualify please drop us a line and grab this chance to become a member of our team that is active in an area with huge potential.

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