Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Work On Space Technology and Circular Economy

The variety of businesses that can be built around the MELiSSA Circular Technology is limitless. We are building a platform for circular entrepreneurs, investors and other stakeholders. The aim is to create hubs in which innovative activities are facilitated in the field of circular economy. The MELiSSA technology is the driving and unifying factor behind the collaborating businesses. The Hubs are however open to 'external' circular technology and embrace open innovation. We work in close cooperation with the existing network of ESA Incubators all across Europe.

The first SEMiLLA incubator is under development in the bustling city of Málaga, Andalucia, Spain. Here we work with the University of Málaga and the Technology Parque of Andalucia on a dedicated circular economy hub. More information can be found here.

Are you an entrepreneur and are you interested to join us? Please contact us and explore the astronomical opportunities Circular Space technology has to offer.