About SEMiLLA Circular Systems

IPSTar BV is the technology transfer partner of the MELiSSA consortium and applies space technology arising from the program for terrestrial circular systems. Since 2018 IPStar acts under the name SEMiLLA Circular Systems ('SEMiLLA'). This unique position of SEMiLLA brings access to what is generally considered the most advanced circular space technology in the world. SEMiLLA, then IPStar, was one of the first companies in the ESA incubator in ESTEC/ESA in Noordwijk (NL). Read more in our Projects section.

Circular Economy

The world is witnessing a paradigm shift. The transition from a linear to a circular economy may be about to drive the biggest transformation in business since the Industrial Revolution 250 years ago through a radical departure from the traditional 'take, make, waste' production and consumption models. We are going through the evolution to a circular economy, a socio-economic system which is smart, cross-sectorial and full of opportunities and challenges. SEMiLLA empowers this by designing circular systems such as our sanitation system.


The acronym MELiSSA means 'Micro Ecological Life Support System Alternative'. It refers to a space research program aiming to develop an artificial ecosystem for bio-regenerative life support systems for long-term space missions to lunar bases or flights to Mars. The MELiSSA Project is managed by the ESA ESTEC Thermal and Environmental Control Section (TEC-MCT). The project started 1989 and is based on a collaborative development program between 14 partners and a number of supporting sub-contractors.